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About Jun He

Shanghai Jun He Antique Furniture Co.,Ltd. Based in Shanghai, China, is a professional Chinese antique furnishing wholesaler and retailer.

Our products almost inculdue all kinds of Chinese furniture and decoration, like furniture,woodcarving,lamp, stone,birdcage,bamboo,pottery... if you couldn't find something you need, just contact us, we'll try our best to satisfy you.

The material of our newly made furniture is " Old northern Elm(Old Yu Mu) ", Elm wood has very beautiful grain, and the qulity is very nice, especially old Elm, all of our old elm are from northern China, furniture made of old elm won't crack. Of course, if you prefer other kind of wood, we can also make for you.

All of our antiques were restored in traditional method, everything would be clean and repair thoroughly by our skillful worker, but we still keep the original of these antiques.

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