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Update: Sunday, 2010-04-11

 >>Big cabinet (96)

 >>Small cabinet (248)
 >>Chair & Stool (80)
 >>Table (112)
 >>Trunk (40)
 >>Bed (26)
 >>Accessory (113)
 >>Window & screen (48)
 >>Lamp (18)
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•  Do you have everything list on your website in stock?

Not all of them are in stock. Most of the items we put on the website are popular things we made before, just for customer choose and reference.

2. Is there everything list on the web could be made-to-order?

Most of them could be made-to-order, expect some old pieces and some old accessory. If you want to know more details of each item, please tell us the item number, we'll give you answer.

•  If I give you a picture or a draft, can you make as my requirements?

Yes, if the things are in our business scope. And we'll make a drawing for you as your requirement before we produce the furniture.

•  Can you carve my name on the furniture?

Some customers like to carve some special pictures or words on the back of the furniture. We can do it if it's not too complicated.

•  I want the color of the furniture match the furniture I already have, can you do it?

Different material has different color and grain, it's hard to make two kinds of wood in same color, but we'll try to make them similar. And you'd better give us a part of your furniture as color sample, for example, a drawer or a small door…

•  How long does it take to produce?

Commonly, we need 30 days to produce, because our furniture was handmade, we need to do the woodwork, polish, paint…

•  I'm not in Shanghai , how can I buy your furniture and how to do the payment?

You can order by E-mail or fax, and transfer the payment to our bank account. We'll pack the furniture and arrange delivery for you. You just need to pay for the furniture and the deliver fee.

•  How can I deliver the furniture to overseas?

Our export agency will arrange shipment for you, and you need to pay some concerned expenses, such as Inspection of commodity fee, Custom Declaration fee, document fee, Insurance premium, shipping freight…

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