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Update: Sunday, 2010-04-11

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 >>Small cabinet (248)
 >>Chair & Stool (80)
 >>Table (112)
 >>Trunk (40)
 >>Bed (26)
 >>Accessory (113)
 >>Window & screen (48)
 >>Lamp (18)
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How To Order

Local Customers/Retail Business

Come to our Showroom in Pudong is the best choice for local customers, because we have some products in our stock that doesn't show in the website, if you want to order new furniture, we have enough drawings and pictures for your choose, we can also give you some advise.

If you'd like to order by other way, please click here for more contact details, we'll give you reply as soon as possible.

When you decide to order, you need to pay some deposit, then we will arrange production or delivery.

We provide free delivery service in Shanghai City.

Deliver to other city, we will pack for you, and arrange delivery, you need to pay the delivery charge by yourself.

Deliver to other country, we can arrange export packing and shipping, you need to pay some charges such as document fee, shipping freight.

Foreigh Customers/Wholesale Business

For more wholesale business infomation, please write e-mail to Kerry Tu


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