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Chinese Lucky Patterns

Four seasons with hundred flowers
Four seasons and orchid
Rich and good luck
Four seasons with good luck
Rich and lucky
Lucky forever
Two lotus flowers on one stalk
Peony symbolizes rich
Five Bats symbolize happiness
Six flowers symbolize happiness and spring Eight Immortals celebrate birthday
Two lions playing ball Double happiness come across Two phoenix and peony
百寿图 百寿图 圆寿
Hundred Long Life Hundred Long Life Round Long Life
长寿 八宝 双龙戏珠
Long Life Eight treasures Two dragons playing ball
福寿双全 福寿双全 福在眼前
Happiness and Long life Happiness and long life Happiness came into sight
福在眼前 福寿三多 梅兰竹菊
Happiness came into sight Happiness and Long life Four plants
一帆风顺、百吉如意、万寿如意、百事如意 喜乐图、乐福图  
Everything as one wishes Happiness  


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